Sunday, April 29, 2007

The future is female

Now here comes a welcome report - finally, a well-respected researcher and thinker - the futurist Ian Pearson (who is a futurologist for British Telecom) predicts that 'The future is female' in saying that culture is shifting from an information economy towards a 'care economy' that is more suited to feminine traits and capacities:

We have had the industrial age, we have had the information economy. But now for something different: "the care economy", predicts BT's Ian Pearson. And, says Mr Pearson assuredly, women - not men - are best suited for this shift.

After years of so called soft skills - such as communication - being sidelined, they will now play centre-stage. "People will have to focus on being people, using their emotional skills," asserts Mr Pearson - with male confidence.

And, he insists, women are instinctively good at this.

Well, not that this is new, yet the public acknowledgment will help...


Anonymous said...

Yeaaa! Hail the return of the godess! It's taken us a very long time.
Equality through understanding the DIFFERENT traits of the sexes will finally replace the competition for outright control and superiority? I certainly hope so.

Kingsley said...

Don't we need a balance - bring it on!