Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Complete Global Information Grid

Our future is uncertain - that is our good news. It should remain open to possibilities, triumphs, and our evolution Forward.

Yet there are 'those' who don't seem to like it that way; they prefer to make certain these uncertainties - in other words, to contain the unknowable. 'Their' answer is a complete 'Global Information Grid' that offers real-time surveillance and movement-monitoring. I don't wish to present too much of such agendas here, yet I thought this video was well-worth watching - see how some 'envision' the militarised future. This video below uses only those words and extracts taken directly from published material - I know, I've read some of the reports featured. It's similar to a bad video-game...

DARPA’s iXo Artificial Intelligence Control Grid:


A.V. Michaels said...

Crazy stuff. I looked for similar videos on YouTube and found http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ankA69X4WCc

Anyway very interesting topic.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kingsley! How you going?
I was told by a Nordic race(very friendly & learned) that most of the population are destined to fail. The survivors will be part of an "uplift" and will be given food and shelter until the earth is inhabitable again.
It's all over red rover....we have already been chosen, believe it or not.
Zoe XXX miss ya heaps.

Anonymous said...

I was given ten (from each race) others within my circle have decided that it means 10,000 per race.

Kingsley said...

Neo - thanks for that 'uplift' info - would be very interested to hear 'how' this was received... this is a 'hot' topic at the moment!!

Good to have you roaming here again ;-)

Anonymous said...

I would be happy to share it with you Kingsley. Oh, I have been roaming on your blog continually by the way....Never left ya my friend, just got very busy with other things.