Sunday, July 15, 2007

Electromagnetism and the Environment

The uses of electromagnetic low frequency (ELF) waves are still a concern and interest to me. And now that the HAARP project has been officially completed by BAE systems (see press release - also here)this may be more of a concern - and especially so for the global environment.

In 2000 a remarkable book was published - with no fanfare. It was written by Rosalie Bertell (President of the International Institute of Concern for Public Health (IICPH), and Editor in Chief of International Perspectives in Public Health) - the book was called 'Planet Earth: The Latest Weapon of War: The Newest Weapon of War' which examines in detail the military experiments with EM (HAARP), ionosphere, and other radiative pulse technologies, including weather modification, and how these might have been linked with catastrophic changes in global environmental phenomena:

She exposes how the military have, for decades, been secretly conducting experiments, including high-level nuclear explosions, which may disrupt the vital layers of the atmosphere which protect us from the sun's lethal radiation. She says these experiments are often conducted without even discussing with non-military experts the hazards of damaging these life-preserving earth-veils. And she believes that such experiments may already have accelerated global warming and contributed to earthquakes and freak weather conditions.

For an excellent review of the book, see this one written by Anne Baring (review No 1). This book somehow disappeared quietly and quickly from circulation, and can now only be found in a few 2nd hand places (generally as ex-library cast outs). However, it is worth securing a copy...

Of similar material, there is the work of Thomas Bearden - according to Wikipedia:

Tom Bearden has unconventional views on other subjects, some of which could be regarded as conspiracy theories. He believes that Russia developed a weapon in the 1960s which uses "time-polarized EM waves" to disrupt the normal flow of time, and used this in Afghanistan in the 1980s. Bearden has also claimed that Russia used various other technologies in the 1980s to cause the destruction of the Challenger space shuttle and induce "several large earthquakes".

Bearden has written extensively on EM warfare and weaponry, and as yet I am undecided about his credibility, although his material is worth looking at in terms of possibilities...

The question has to be asked - have todays abrupt weather disruptions been a result of intentional technological military intervention as well as the more orthodox human-pollution climate effects?

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