Sunday, November 25, 2007

What Do Human Beings Do?

I recently came across a great sentence, it read:

'Pigs grunt, dogs bark, penguins waddle, what do human beings do?'

Exactly, I thought.... then I thought a little longer, and a little harder... and realised that 'we' do alot, or rather have the innate potentiality to do a lot. One of these processes that humans do is 'to think' - the power of thought and consciousness. Is this such a great potential, more than a penguin's waddle?

Why... of course. It is a potential for co-creation - for participating within the 'design' for planet Earth. Humans - homo sapiens sapiens - have the capacity to be as bridges between spirit & matter; between creative impulse & solid; between the angelic & elemental. We are like transducers, filters - in short, we are facilitators.

Humans can act as transmitters - energy batteries - directing incoming energy across, into, and through the earth - grounding the energies. Like an 'earth wire' in electrical plugs, humans are able to ground energy from outside of the physical matrix into the light grid that sustains the planetary body. We are the mobile transducers: static energy nodes are the ancient sacred sites, stone circles, megalithic sites, that form the earth-energy-grid, yet these networks need maintaining. Hence the 'human facilitator'; hence the arcane reason behind the human pilgrimage (I will speak more on this soon).

Life, including human life, is a layer of transmuting energy. Within this, the power of human thought and intention can play a great part in the process of energy transference.

Of course, we can also waddle too... and grunt occasionally!


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