Sunday, December 14, 2008

Aligning to the new, Dis-connecting from the old

There was a sense of urgency in my changes. A need for Re-alignment and Re-connection. Yet there is no magical pill: I'm still sitting here without a job and unclear of my future direction. However, I have complete faith in how the future will unfold. All I know is that I am where I am meant to be: and there is nothing I need (except cash!!). All my belongings are now safely stored at the family home. I am ready for new alignments.

There is no emotionality; in fact, the 'shifting'; or 'waking up'; or 're-aligning' - however we wish to call it - is, for me, about utilisation of energy. Without sufficient inner energy we are unable to make these changes.

Here's why - in my own understanding: we have allotted to our physical body a fixed amount of energy. Usually this energy is expended in our daily tasks; and expended at alarming rates through emotional thoughts/actions. Part of the 'entertainment/distraction' industry is to relieve us of our energy, leaving us with just enough to complete the average day (watch out for daytime soaps!). In order to make a push to shift our positioning we require surplus energy. And usually this surplus energy just isn't available - we are spent; energy-shriveled. By storing and retaining our own energies we are better equipped for 'breaking the spell'. Here lies one of the dangers in the saturation of mis-information and excessive negative fear-mongering: it depletes us before we have begun.

So, I did mention before (silly me!) that I had been working with some pointers for my own shift. I'd like to briefly summarise what I have been working with. I must emphasize that nothing I say is original; it's not 'mine' - nothing is 'ours'; and that we've all probably been working along the same lines without naming it. I'm just gonna put a few concepts into brief words. Perhaps we'll resonate along with the ride?

ONE: Be Watchful

· Watchful of thoughts, words & deeds: everything has a vibratory quality.

· Be tolerant; take nothing personal; reserve judgement

· Don’t be tied into belief: don’t walk between belief or non-belief – just walk with what you understand or don’t understand. Belief in ‘un-belief’ is still a belief.

· Restraint: beware of impulsiveness; create inner discipline. No unnecessary haste.

· Don’t indulge – step lightly

TWO: Safeguard Your Energy

  • Energy Retention, Energy Intention: use your energy for yourself or lose it.

  • Energy is a material quantity. We have so much energy in our lifetime; it is a quantitative value. Therefore, we should use it as such, not as an limitless resource.

  • Focus intention for energy: Save & store energy: do not be wasteful. Increase mental energy. Why? We give out our energy too easily: personal negentropy. We need energy to evolve.

  • Desires are a primary way of losing energy: takes up time and energy: thus, control & focus desires – aim to attain. Fanciful desires distract and sap us; focused desire towards real goal can provide power & fuel
  • Ordinary life distracts – learn to ration it. Don’t lose/put your energy into material things: don’t let matter control man. Material things can take our conscious energy, demanding more and more of our awareness, thus increasing our slavery to our possessions

THREE: Self-Vigilance

    • Be aware always of your mental state: everything is Mind.

    • Negativity wants to be King of the Roost: deny this, take away its power.
    • Retain & Recall: memorise positive moments; recall them when needed – change the polarity of your mind: maintain the positive polarity – this will help to influence your environment.
    • Lose self-importance.
    • Don’t jump to conclusions or make assumptions.

FOUR: Work With Your Attention

· Put your attention onto the Now: make the present moment important for you.

· Even small acts are significant: the worth of something is not in relation to how we measure it.

· Learn how to give attention when needed: many people ask for it indirectly.

· Be attentive of your breathing.

· Energy flows where attention goes.

· Do everything consciously: eat consciously.

· Be attentive to your physical positions – awareness of movements. Conscious moving, aware of body positions. Feel the body too.

· Be aware of the senses: smell, taste, touch, sight & hearing. Don’t become automatic to the senses.

· Do your best in everything – reciprocal influence. All our actions create an influence in the world that will manifest in some way.

FIVE: Stepping Into Yourself

· Be Internally Removed: Silence of the Self.

· Creating quiet moments for reflection: halt the inner chatter.

· Be kind to yourself: critical yet nurturing .

· Learn self-observation.

· Know your fears: is it a situation or a problem?

· Responsibility, love & duty to oneself first – then others.

· Time for your inner being: create a relationship.

· Take everything as a learning experience.

· Our worst enemies: greed, anger, self-esteem. Self-esteem leads to self-delusion, so great is its need. Careful: greed for generosity is still greed!

· Don’t ‘inflate’ oneself to appear important for others: this will only diminish your own being.

SIX: Rationality

· Allow the unbelievable; Welcome the unpredictable.

· Think for yourself: clever thoughts only impress the shallow, yet leave no lasting trace.

· Leave rational-conditioning at the door; don't invite the guest to stay!

· Shift away from assembly-line thinking; modern man is little other than the ‘Fordism of thinking’.

· Don’t discredit what may appear to be an affront to your beliefs, ideals, and reasoning; ie. don’t become your own barrier before you’ve even taken the first step. Take enjoyment in stepping out of yourself. Begin without prejudice.

· Reasoning often means finding a reason to continue believing what you already believe.

· Patience is a virtue – but only at the right time. Everything has its place.

Everyone is tied by invisible threads to everyone else: we are constantly in a state of invisible reciprocity. We need to remember that every act has an action & reaction. Everything we do, big or small, has a bearing and influence upon our future. We do not exist in a vacuum: we are in a sea of vibrant life.We are never alone: we are as near or as far as we make ourselves to be. It is often our illusion of separation that creates our attachment to materiality and escapist practices.Don’t fear separation – there is none. Don’t fear death – it is not the end. Don’t fear yourself – you are limitless. Don’t fear the future – may it be a time for transparency and expansion.De-activate your own fear. De-activate old programming, anxieties, and suppression.

These are some of the points I have been working with... so I'd thought I would share. Take them as a friendly chat; I know no more, no less than you...



Christian said...

Kingsley, does this mean you have given up on chocolate and red wine?

Kingsley said...

Come on Christian! Leave a guy his few luxuries ;-)