Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Festive Wishes

I would like to wish all readers of 'BETWEEN BOTH WORLDS' - as well as everyone else - warm & heartfelt wishes for the end of 2008. I thank everyone for being exactly who they are...





Sunday, December 21, 2008

Four Stages of Spirit

Here, perhaps, are likely Four Stages of the Spirit:

1. First we recognise our link to Spirit is rusty

Then we begin to clean our link

Then we learn how to utilise, and manipulate, our connection

Then we learn to accept Spirit... and flow.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Aligning to the new, Dis-connecting from the old

There was a sense of urgency in my changes. A need for Re-alignment and Re-connection. Yet there is no magical pill: I'm still sitting here without a job and unclear of my future direction. However, I have complete faith in how the future will unfold. All I know is that I am where I am meant to be: and there is nothing I need (except cash!!). All my belongings are now safely stored at the family home. I am ready for new alignments.

There is no emotionality; in fact, the 'shifting'; or 'waking up'; or 're-aligning' - however we wish to call it - is, for me, about utilisation of energy. Without sufficient inner energy we are unable to make these changes.

Here's why - in my own understanding: we have allotted to our physical body a fixed amount of energy. Usually this energy is expended in our daily tasks; and expended at alarming rates through emotional thoughts/actions. Part of the 'entertainment/distraction' industry is to relieve us of our energy, leaving us with just enough to complete the average day (watch out for daytime soaps!). In order to make a push to shift our positioning we require surplus energy. And usually this surplus energy just isn't available - we are spent; energy-shriveled. By storing and retaining our own energies we are better equipped for 'breaking the spell'. Here lies one of the dangers in the saturation of mis-information and excessive negative fear-mongering: it depletes us before we have begun.

So, I did mention before (silly me!) that I had been working with some pointers for my own shift. I'd like to briefly summarise what I have been working with. I must emphasize that nothing I say is original; it's not 'mine' - nothing is 'ours'; and that we've all probably been working along the same lines without naming it. I'm just gonna put a few concepts into brief words. Perhaps we'll resonate along with the ride?

ONE: Be Watchful

· Watchful of thoughts, words & deeds: everything has a vibratory quality.

· Be tolerant; take nothing personal; reserve judgement

· Don’t be tied into belief: don’t walk between belief or non-belief – just walk with what you understand or don’t understand. Belief in ‘un-belief’ is still a belief.

· Restraint: beware of impulsiveness; create inner discipline. No unnecessary haste.

· Don’t indulge – step lightly

TWO: Safeguard Your Energy

  • Energy Retention, Energy Intention: use your energy for yourself or lose it.

  • Energy is a material quantity. We have so much energy in our lifetime; it is a quantitative value. Therefore, we should use it as such, not as an limitless resource.

  • Focus intention for energy: Save & store energy: do not be wasteful. Increase mental energy. Why? We give out our energy too easily: personal negentropy. We need energy to evolve.

  • Desires are a primary way of losing energy: takes up time and energy: thus, control & focus desires – aim to attain. Fanciful desires distract and sap us; focused desire towards real goal can provide power & fuel
  • Ordinary life distracts – learn to ration it. Don’t lose/put your energy into material things: don’t let matter control man. Material things can take our conscious energy, demanding more and more of our awareness, thus increasing our slavery to our possessions

THREE: Self-Vigilance

    • Be aware always of your mental state: everything is Mind.

    • Negativity wants to be King of the Roost: deny this, take away its power.
    • Retain & Recall: memorise positive moments; recall them when needed – change the polarity of your mind: maintain the positive polarity – this will help to influence your environment.
    • Lose self-importance.
    • Don’t jump to conclusions or make assumptions.

FOUR: Work With Your Attention

· Put your attention onto the Now: make the present moment important for you.

· Even small acts are significant: the worth of something is not in relation to how we measure it.

· Learn how to give attention when needed: many people ask for it indirectly.

· Be attentive of your breathing.

· Energy flows where attention goes.

· Do everything consciously: eat consciously.

· Be attentive to your physical positions – awareness of movements. Conscious moving, aware of body positions. Feel the body too.

· Be aware of the senses: smell, taste, touch, sight & hearing. Don’t become automatic to the senses.

· Do your best in everything – reciprocal influence. All our actions create an influence in the world that will manifest in some way.

FIVE: Stepping Into Yourself

· Be Internally Removed: Silence of the Self.

· Creating quiet moments for reflection: halt the inner chatter.

· Be kind to yourself: critical yet nurturing .

· Learn self-observation.

· Know your fears: is it a situation or a problem?

· Responsibility, love & duty to oneself first – then others.

· Time for your inner being: create a relationship.

· Take everything as a learning experience.

· Our worst enemies: greed, anger, self-esteem. Self-esteem leads to self-delusion, so great is its need. Careful: greed for generosity is still greed!

· Don’t ‘inflate’ oneself to appear important for others: this will only diminish your own being.

SIX: Rationality

· Allow the unbelievable; Welcome the unpredictable.

· Think for yourself: clever thoughts only impress the shallow, yet leave no lasting trace.

· Leave rational-conditioning at the door; don't invite the guest to stay!

· Shift away from assembly-line thinking; modern man is little other than the ‘Fordism of thinking’.

· Don’t discredit what may appear to be an affront to your beliefs, ideals, and reasoning; ie. don’t become your own barrier before you’ve even taken the first step. Take enjoyment in stepping out of yourself. Begin without prejudice.

· Reasoning often means finding a reason to continue believing what you already believe.

· Patience is a virtue – but only at the right time. Everything has its place.

Everyone is tied by invisible threads to everyone else: we are constantly in a state of invisible reciprocity. We need to remember that every act has an action & reaction. Everything we do, big or small, has a bearing and influence upon our future. We do not exist in a vacuum: we are in a sea of vibrant life.We are never alone: we are as near or as far as we make ourselves to be. It is often our illusion of separation that creates our attachment to materiality and escapist practices.Don’t fear separation – there is none. Don’t fear death – it is not the end. Don’t fear yourself – you are limitless. Don’t fear the future – may it be a time for transparency and expansion.De-activate your own fear. De-activate old programming, anxieties, and suppression.

These are some of the points I have been working with... so I'd thought I would share. Take them as a friendly chat; I know no more, no less than you...