Monday, March 09, 2009

Messages for the Ground Crew

Below are some extracts from the short text 'Messages for the Ground Crew' which is allegedly a text that was channeled to George Green. Whilst this cannot be validated, some of the material stands up on its own merits. This text primarily deals with the need for humanity to 'wake up' now and fast, in order to be responsible through these coming changes. As Frank Herbert never tired of reminding us - 'the sleeper must awaken'...

Each pathway to the completion of the human experience is unique for each human...

...Now is the time to wake up, become aware of that which surrounds you and decide if it is good enough, or is the "more" worth desiring it enough to commit to attain it at all costs...It is a monumental decision...As difficult as the planetary situation is, there is purpose to it. Mankind must learn to be a responsible being individually which then in composite form is reflected in a planetary whole...

...The balancing feature is in the fact that humanity is both consciously and unconsciously asking for help. The help that is available does not appear in a tangible way that humanity as a whole can recognize, and yet it definitely is present and available.

...Humanity wants to know the exact time they will be rescued, which is an impossible dream...Thus the message of encouragement to those who are aware and capable and understanding the nature of their assignment is to "hold the pole". They must know that there is a plan and that they are very much a decisive part of that plan, even though their part appears to be doing nothing. In fact, it is important that they appear to be doing nothing so as not to draw undue attention to themselves...It is those who are to quietly do their part that need the most encouragement.

...Though this sounds like the easiest of assignments, in the times yet to be experienced, it will not be simple or easy to remain calm, to observe and allow the actions and reactions to surround one and not lose control! To remain devoted with no recognition in a society that thrives on attention and quick gratification will be a stretch for many who truly desire to serve in some capacity in the days to come. As humanity asks for help, it must also respond to the help that is offered to it, no matter how simple or ineffectual the requested response may seem to them. This is what is required in order that more help may be brought to bear on their behalf. It is a simple plan of a request, a response, a further request, another response, etc.

Always remember, subtle energy is powerful and powerful energy is subtle. It could also be called a "grass-roots movement". Use it!


Extracts taken from 'Messages For The Ground Crew' - which can be downloaded as a pdf here.


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