Monday, March 02, 2009

Webpage Update - New Materials

My homepage - - has had some refurbishment. It now holds a range of downloadable pdf files on a range of subjects.

From the homepage click on 'Online Materials' and there will be a list of subjects:

Inner Development





There are some interesting books available, as well as interviews and shorter texts. Please feel free to browse...

Also - I have a new link 'Video & Audio Links' - from here there is a comprehensive list (in the 100s) that will have something to suit everyone. I have to qualify by saying that I have not seen most of the videos listed. Some I have watched; others I know about. Some are new to me yet taken from external sources of similar interest. There are some great Terence McKenna interviews; some quantum physics; esoterica; ufology; science; mysticism... lots of material.

Please enjoy... and pass on!

Onwards & Upwards...


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