Friday, January 15, 2010

The Next Stage?

Welcome to 2010... an interesting year indeed...and one which it is hoped will be inspiring as well as unpredictable and dramatic. Changes are afoot in that we can view the present era  as being of major significance in that it offers for humankind an opportunity to develop consciously in line with the accelerated incoming energies.

There have already been marked shifts in human perceptions and cognition, and the ‘new sciences’ of coherent energy fields and vibrational influences inform us of our inherent interconnectedness. Humanity is already thinking differently, impacted by the dramatic rise in new technologies. Many of us are accessing information at rapidly increasing rates; networking online in ever more complex relations, and knowing more about the global world at our fingertips. The neural mind is in overload, creating new connections both internally and externally. A new mind for a new world is underway – yet it needs assistance. Cultural forms and perceptions are not changing fast enough; the new paradigm of thought has not penetrated deeply enough into our social communities. It is imperative that for a viable future to unfold amidst these transition times we need to orientate our thinking to let go of the ways that no longer serve us. Our global future together lies within the hope for a more vibrant, creative, compassionate, and communicative environment.

The basis for this understanding is provided by new insights in the sciences of biophysics and consciousness. We now have validation that the human being is not a separate entity; it is a light-emitting energetic field of creative information that is in perpetual communion with all living energies. We, as a species, are an energetic constituent of the cosmos. Our story is a part of the universal story; our collective myths are the representations of a grander conscious order. As the cosmos writhes in dynamic energy, so do we shake and infuse the ripples that reach us. Quite literally, when the universe sneezes, we catch a cold. And our cosmic neighbourhood is experiencing a clean-out and renewal, in which we are involved, whether we care for it or not. It would be a shame to let the neighbourhood down, would it not?

More and more people are becoming aware of the idea hat a spiritual renaissance for the Earth and her living family could be waiting as our next evolutionary stage. Various indigenous wisdom traditions have talked of this epochal shift for centuries; and now the timelines are converging. Humanity has been in preparation (incubation if you will) for a very long time. There is now perhaps the potential for an energetic ‘upgrade’, to turn once again towards our physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. It is an opportunity to re-awaken our slumbering souls, and to put our house in order. The ‘master’ of the house has been away too long, and the unruly servants need turning out: time to clean-up and prepare.

Man didn't come into this world for nothing. Man is an extraordinary achievement that has required long and difficult preparation. This achievement is not complete. It would be quite a considerable cosmic disaster if this experiment with man on this earth were to fail, and for this reason much is being done to prevent this experiment from failing - not because man deserves to survive, but because he is really needed.

                                                                                                       J.G. Bennett

Know that all your relationships with things and men are determined by what you will of them, and they of you. And what you will of men and things determines what they will of you.

                                                                                                    Book of Mirdad

Our perceiving self is nowhere to be found within the world-picture, because it itself is the world-picture.
  Erwin Schrodinger - Nobel laureate

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