Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Period of Regeneration

We, as a global humanity, may very well be undergoing a period of regeneration towards retrieving our birthright of inner realization. This is a significant step on the way of evolved consciousness. In this context known indigenous wisdom traditions have held these upcoming times to be portals – or cyclic renewals – towards heightened evolutionary growth along the cosmological journey. At present we title ourselves as homo sapiens sapiens – meaning doubly wise or doubly knowing – yet this suggests that we already ‘know that we know’. So what is it that we are supposed to doubly know? Or is it that we lost the capacity, or just plain forgot, what it was that we once knew? If we are undeserving of this title then this should catalyze us, as a collective species, into regaining our inheritance. A step on the way may involve that we re-evaluate the primary role and capacity of consciousness.

Instead of viewing consciousness as a by-product of biochemical processes in the brain, consciousness needs to be re-evaluated by our cultural norms and perceptual paradigms. We need to accept that consciousness is a creative and natural force that infuses the cosmos and interpenetrates the realms: material, biological, and spiritual. For example, the human nervous system is not the producer of consciousness, as many erroneously believe, but acts more like an antenna that receives consciousness from living energetic fields. It’s like the tale of the young fish who goes on a watery-pilgrimage to visit the old wise fish of the sea. When the young fish arrives to ask his burning inner question he says: ‘what’s this thing called water?’ It is harder to perceive that in which we are immersed, and thus the secret hides itself through its transparency.  We breathe it, yet recognise it not.

As the familiar world around us begins to shake, come apart at the seams and generally cause us concern, we need to take this rush of rapid air as a time for cleansing. Many of us for far too long have lived unbalanced lives; neglecting the self for the substitution of quick gratifications and commercial painkillers. It is necessary to restore the balance between ‘inner world’ and ‘outer world’ – a re-spiritualization of society that goes beyond the need for social forms towards a new understanding of our integral relationship within a cosmic context. In other words, we need to establish a healthy and vibrant cosmological unity between our inner and outer environments. The renowned historian Arnold Toynbee once said that ‘The ultimate work of civilisation is the unfolding of ever-deeper spiritual understanding’. For Toynbee, the suffering of civilized man was a reaction to the separation of sentient beings from their timeless reality. Many societies have lagged behind in providing the means for personal and collective self-actualization and self-transcendence. Perhaps what our industrial cultures have denied for too long is a way of experiencing the world that will open us up to ourselves and to our transcendental truths.

We are anchored in the Earth, which we must not forget, yet we simultaneously fail to connect our threads with the universal. Thus, we are all too often denied the awareness that we do not exist alone, but are an integral part of a vaster, mysterious order. By submitting to the authority of the universal, we can renew our partnership of the human, the earthly, and the creative spirit. Vaclav Havel famously said in a speech to the joint session of US Congress (in 1991) that ‘Without a global revolution in the sphere of human consciousness, nothing will change for the better’. Such a revolution is imperative if we are to be worthy of keeping our role as participants within a creative cosmos. Importantly, each individual needs to become aware that they are a part of a grand evolutionary process; a process that informs the very basis of our living benevolent and turbulent environment.  

Various esoteric traditions have referred to how a certain number of conscious individuals can assist the Earth to progress to the next level of evolutionary growth. A hundred conscious individuals, let us say, who are in conscious contact and communication, can create an exponential level of conscious force that influences the rest of humanity. It seems that such influences, which have been with us for epochs, are now shifting up a gear and raising levels of awareness on this Earth at unparallel speed. The needed shift in collective and planetary consciousness is unfolding, it appears, according to the law of evolutionary design.

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