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Energy Flows & Functions

Our world then, as material and physical as it is, is nevertheless malleable. It can be affected by the strength of one’s own presence, intentions, questioning, and thoughts. Our cosmos is creative, endlessly renewing and replenishing itself. Within this energetic ebb-and-flow we can ‘fix’ ourselves (become the ‘attractor’ for the flux around us) by focusing our presence within each moment. Much of how we experience the future, specifically the coming earth changes, will rest upon how we perceive those changes. Our present generations are now required to direct themselves in accordance with their thoughts. A visionary impulse is necessary if we are to rise beyond these turbulent transition times towards a more constructive future. In other words, if we believe that the future changes will usher in a disruptive apocalyptic scenario, then this will be exactly how it plays out for us. This is the fear equation:  if we are fearful we are likely to attract the negative circumstances (again, like attracts like). And this fear equation has been holding back humanity from developing for far too long. If we perceive the world as life-threatening rather than life-promoting then this will influence how we interpret the changing times. Yet the fear equation is a mask: F.E.A.R. masquerades as False Evidence Appearing Real. To be prepared for the upcoming earth changes we are being asked, as sovereign individuals, which future we wish to embrace. Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner once wrote:


An additional way of training our thinking and feeling is by acquiring a quality we can call “positivity.” There is a beautiful legend that tells of Christ Jesus and several other people walking past a dead dog. The others all turned away from the ugly sight, but Christ Jesus spoke admiringly of the animal’s beautiful teeth. We can practice maintaining the soul-attitude toward the world that this legend exemplifies. The erroneous, the bad, and the ugly must not prevent the soul from finding the true, the good, and the beautiful wherever they are present.[i]


Another maxim in general literature says: 'Pigs grunt, dogs bark, penguins waddle, what do human beings do?’ Amusing perhaps, and poignant too; yet upon deeper consideration the answer is that human beings do a lot, or rather have the inherent potentiality to do a lot. One of these ‘potentialities’ is the power of focused and directed consciousness. Humans - homo sapiens sapiens - have the capacity to be as bridges between spirit and matter; between creative impulse and physical manifestation; between the angelic and the elemental. Again, to reiterate, we can function as transformers – as facilitators of energy.


Human beings can act as transmitters (like energy batteries), directing incoming energy across, into, and through the Earth; in a sense, grounding the energies. Like an ‘earth wire’ in electrical plugs, humans are able to ground energy that radiates from non-terrestrial sources into our earthly planetary body. We serve as mobile transducers, whilst the more static energy nodes are the ancient sacred sites, stone circles, megalithic sites, that can be found dotted all over our planet. Life, including human life, is a membrane layer of transmuting energy. The power of human thought and intention can play a great part in the process of energy transference. The function of the ‘human facilitator’ is thus one of the reasons behind the concept of human pilgrimage.


There has been much research upon how the world’s many megalithic sites were used for solar cults, religious worship, or similar activities etc. However, it is hard to find one overall unifying theory that relates to the exact, specific function of these various sites. In general, it can be said that a primary role of such sites is an energetic one. Stonehenge in the UK, for example, had a function to channel energy that was made available according to specific times/events of cosmic phenomena. Thus, the site had to be correctly aligned for these precise energy emissions. Various sites over the world show signs of their function as energy channels - be they stone circles, single stones (dolmens), sacred groves, hills, shrines, etc. Together they constitute an earth-grid that operates to receive and distribute cosmic energies along, and into, the earth. Many Christian churches, once considered pagan sites, are built upon these energy lines; this was part of a functioning knowledge system, now largely forgotten. Larger structures, such as cathedrals like Notre-Dame and Chartres, were constructed to function as energy-accumulators (like batteries), which is often indicated in their design by the use of spirals or labyrinths in their construction.

An important element for energy storage and transmission is correct timing; knowing when specific ‘cosmic energy’ is flowing. Thus, at particular times of the year certain areas are targeted by energy currents entering the Earth. Ancient knowledge made use of this in the original Christian calendars; this was reflected in the names of the saints to which different churches are dedicated (although the system has undergone some degree of corruption). For example, in some cultures there is a specific day of the year which is attached to a particular saint so that the original purpose was for the entire community to gather at the church for their ‘Saint’s Day’ - a day that represented the exact time when the maximum energy was available in that area during the year. Likewise, festivals in specific places in the countryside, along with established pilgrim routes, enabled a line of transmission whereby people would act as the channel, or conduit, for passing along the energy, thus maintaining the energy flow within the earth-grid.

This system is still in place, although the functional use of many sites and events has been weakened. However, the earth-grid is still an operative system and is pulsed regularly with cosmic energies, both according to natural cosmic alignments as well as specific and deliberate ‘energy-feeding’ from external interventions. So the question as what can humans do is partly answered by the concept of energy transmitters. And the more focused and balanced the ‘transmitter’, the finer and more effective the energies. Of course, we can also waddle too, and grunt occasionally!

[i] Steiner, R. (1998) An Outline of Esoteric Science. Great Barrington, MA: Steiner Books.


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