Sunday, February 21, 2010

Spiritual Renaissance

Human beings also function as energy nodes within the ‘human grid’. We receive, store, and distribute energy amongst ourselves. As open systems, energy is information, and vice-versa. In this context it is important to realise that this energy can be used to fuel individual self-development. The more focused a person’s thoughts, emotions, and behaviour, the finer the quality of energy. Much of our energy is lost daily through wasted emotions; when anger, fear, and other corruptive manifestations become assertive and exaggerated. At all times the negative seeks to embolden itself, to present itself as being greater than it is. Again, this is because there is always less negative inside us at all times in comparison to the positive. Thus, the negative needs to pretend it is worse than it actually is if it is to have any chance of great influence over the person. This is something to make ourselves constantly aware of: we can be food for the negative as well as the positive. As in ecology, everything is someone else’s food!

When confronted with an unpleasant event or issue we can ask ourselves: ‘is this a problem or a situation?’ It may help to remember that every problem is also a situation, but not every situation is a problem. By finding out which is which we will have a better basis from which to act upon. With an increase in information and awareness comes a parallel increase in responsibility. We have a responsibility to ourselves, to others, and to our earthly and cosmic environment. As each of us develops according to our own capacity we may feel a strong desire to pass this on to others. Yet it is important that we talk to others in accordance with their level of understanding. There are likely to be times when we feel frustrated that other people are not ‘seeing’ things correctly; that they are not ‘understanding’ the evident truths. In periods of chaotic change, people often search for the tried and tested, the trusted and secure. For many, notions of evolutionary transformation and energetic change will seem nothing more than abstract fantasy: the hallucinations of a mind losing its reality-grip. Fine: all things come to those in their own time. What is important is that necessary energy is not needlessly wasted through vain or egoistic efforts. Frustration and haste can easily eat away at one’s own energy reserves, resulting in the person becoming less effective and functional. This is of no benefit to anyone. As in all endeavours, preparation and timing are essential factors. As Ali (fourth Caliph of Islam) is credited as saying: ‘Three things once gone are gone forever: the word spoken in haste; the arrow once sped from the bow; the missed opportunity’.

Increased acceleration of events is upon us, yet haste will be against us. A spiritual renaissance in the minds and hearts of more and more people will spread as physical events unfold to reveal their duplicity. In this awakening let us be assured that when we strive to develop and lift ourselves, we indirectly yet significantly also lift our world and those around us. In essence, spiritual realization is about realizing the spirit of others.

Everything will change. Yet humanity will continue, albeit in a different way. Our material structures will change, be transformed, and from this we will have the opportunity to become more human. These are the words of Maya indigenous elders who have anticipated these changes for a long time. It is time for a renewal of the spirit. By this, it is not meant that people should flock to spiritual doctrines. The true spirit is within the heart of each person, and is the responsibility of each person to find their own contact. Each pathway of experience is unique to every person for there are as many ways to the spiritual centre as there are people’s hearts. Nor is the true spirit one of contemplation alone, for the spiritual ideal of our era now is one of considerate action. And through this action, things will change. How difficult or easy these changes will be depends much upon the response of each person. What is important is not the event itself but rather how each person deals with it. The changes we face may be out of our hands, yet each of us has the power to choose how we respond to them.
Willaru Huayta, a spiritual messenger in the Inca tradition, has been travelling the globe telling people that 'The world is at a critical point of transition, which is highlighted by the crisis in spiritual and moral principles. Nationality is no longer important...Human truth is one. The most important thing now is to awaken the consciousness in a positive form.[i]

[i]  Mcfadden, S. (1991) Profiles in Wisdom: Native Elders Speak About the Earth, Santa Fe, NM, Bear & Company.

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