Friday, April 25, 2003

After all the talk, there is still frustration that the world 'out there' doesn't allow room for one to change. As a reply, it is necessary to work upon changing oneself before hoping that the world, or rather external events, will shift their focus in relation to you. Perception and cognition of external situations and structures is a product of internal cognitive interpretation and analysis. Therefore, it is a question of 'mind-set': if one's personal mind-set is fixed into earlier patterns of recognition, then future incoming signals will be analysed in terms of these set patterns. Thus, the world never seems to change. Yet have you allowed it to?

Change your own patterns of mind first. Think differently; behave differently; analyse differently. Bring new conceptions into being as thoughts; shift those old patterns of thinking and perceiving. The 21st Century cannot survive with a species thinking with an earlier model of consciousness. Shift the consciousness into new terrains; allow it to process thoughts beyond the Cartesian, mechanistic 2-dimensional model of linear processes.

Once a new pattern, a new mind-set, is gradually moved in to replace the older model, you will find surprising differences in how external events and situations are perceived. You might find a surprising increase in harmonisation.

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Peter said...

The fast development of the communication technology ensures also the fast development of a kind of proto-collective-consciousness. I believe that soon we will not need anymore this technology, because then humans will be able to connect directly to the field that all humanity shares. Technology is today only a rake for the still sleeping collective consciousness. Maybe we will discover that the flowers are a kind of "interface" for a better communication with the collective consciousness.