Sunday, April 27, 2003

One of the newest concepts to have arisen lately is that of 'Emergence'. What this tells us is that the whole of something is greater than its parts, and that the emerging properties of the whole transcend the lesser properties inherent within its parts. An example often cited is that of the ant colony. A colony of tens of thousands of ants acts in unity, as a whole, despite the individual ants having no information concerning the function of the colony as a 'whole'. This model can, and has been, put forward onto human communities. The net outcome of individuals working as a community is greater than an unconnected similar grouping of individuals. Emerging properties greater than its parts depend upon contact and communication.

It is for this reason that study groups of a Teaching variety have held group contact and meetings as a priority. This has been known for millennia - although new for 'accepted' knowledge. A contact of like-minded consciousnesses can create fields or energies and subsequent emergent properties that far excell a non-harmonious collective of people. The functional quality is thus exponentially increased to a staggering non-causal degree. Since all energies within the universe are already in constant non-local contact within the quantum energy vacuum, it is the nature of 'mind' to be in contact and communication. To be conscious of this leads to evolutionary growth by supporting a developmental collective consciousness.

It takes a certain number of conscious people on the earth to enable the earth to progress to the next level of evolutionary growth. A hundred conscious people, let us say, who are in conscious contact and communication, can create an emergent exponentially increased degree of conscious force in order to influence remaining humanity and life processes. As said in an earlier post - consciousness begets consciousness.

It is spreading already and fast. Such influences, with us for epochs, are now shifting up a gear and raising levels of awareness on this earth at unparalled speed. The needed shift in collective and planetary consciousness is unfolding to its ordainded pattern.

To be mindful is a positive beginning.

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