Tuesday, April 22, 2003

The Universe is connected in an 'implicate order' - meaning that separateness is an illusion, and each atom resonates with the knowledge of the whole universe. Since the human body is itself composed of atoms generated within the initial Big Bang of the created Universe, then we ourselves resonate with a wholeness of knowledge. This 'information' can know itself - it is through self-reflexive consciousness. We are at the earlier stages of accessing this self-knowledge. The next step, since biological evolution of the species has been attained at a peak, is conscious evolution. This is the first time in earth evolutionary history that evolution can be directed consciously - in 'our hands' - rather than being a natural process beyond our involvement. Evolution of human consciousness is then a way of taking our species to the next level, towards a planetary consciousness, whereby the human race will be the nervous system on a higher level, as information is shared, passed around, and acted upon as is information within the neurones of our brain. By increasing brain activity, new capacities come into play as activity stimulates hitherto latent cranal areas. Empathy will increase, as will a sense of other people through non-verbal communication. Humans can begin to share their shared inheritance of Universe-knowledge as the atoms of the self resinate with more energy flowing through as human connectivity increases. Evolution is towards ever increasing complexity, and consciousness is itself a product of a particular peak of complexity. The next level of complexity is beyond the individual. The new complexity is global.

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