Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Technology plays a fundamental part within our social evolution. As our technology develops so too do we - in a kind of symbiotic relationship. Not only does our technology allow us to understand greater aspects of our universal position and the laws behind our physical manifestation and functioning, it also opens up new vistas of possibilities that encourage our development. The interconnectivity of technology is fast becoming the new global brain.

It may also be possible to suggest that as the number, frequencies, and sophistication of electronic waves increase in our planetary sphere/ionosphere, this may have a influence upon the neural functioning of our brain patterns. In short, it may assist in mutating our brain waves so that new capacities are stimulated into operation. On the other hand, as this is a relatively unexplored area in mainstream science, it may have the opposite effect and cause a degenerative mutation.

What is known is that technology so far has stimulated brain capacity into new heights of thinking, possibilities, and activity. It is essential that we maintain such high levels of activity if we are to assist in a greater permanence of conscious thought.

We are constantly in use as receivers - therefore it is our responsibility to be clean, open, and ready for increased sensitivity and receptivity of thought and species patterns.

It may be useful here to mention the name of Cambridge biologist Rupert Sheldrake in connection to species mind, and his theory of 'morphic resonance' - a biological energy field that a species shares in knowledge and continued heredity.

There is much we still do not know about the origin and functions of human biology and the psi field - or 5th field - in quantum physics.

Ever wondered why we think such thoughts? Where do thoughts really come from?

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