Tuesday, September 07, 2004

"An important distinction between the present and the past is to be noted in the greater prevalence today of individuals who are seeking, sensing, and expressing their OWN BEING...for self-expression of the BEING among larger and larger masses of people."

Jonas Salk (discover of Polio vaccine & Nobel laureate) - 'The Survival of the Wisest' (1973)

This is one among so many similar statements...with the aid today of deeper understandings in science, we are once again seeing a convergence between spirituality & science:

the renowned historian Arnold Toynbee once said: "The ultimate work of civilisation is the unfolding of ever-deeper spiritual understanding"

Albert Einstein noted: "Science without religion is lame; religion without science is blind" ...both science and religion strive for Truth...both understand the dynamic nature of that which is Life: there is no division: separation is only a place where We stand...

..."Our perceiving self is nowhere to be found within the world-picture, because it itself is the world-picture" (Erwin Schrodinger - Nobel laureate)

In every moment we have a choice as to how we wish to see that moment: that choice counts, because every moment counts: we live our own world-picture. If we evolve, our world does too.

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