Wednesday, September 08, 2004

It was mentioned in the last post how it is important how we participate in the world with Intention.

This is exactly in accordance with how quantum physics describes our physical reality: it is an observer-based reality, where the observer is not separate from but an integral part to the experience one has, or knowledge one gains, from the physical world:

in other words, the universe is a participatory universe: it responds to the observer -

this then makes such Eastern koens (meditative riddles) such as: 'If everybody stopped looking at the moon, would it disappear?' make more sense. The world exists because we are here to observe it - to participate in it.

This is ancient knowledge, yet it is now being given more credibility through our Western science: a good synopsis to this is the classic book 'Tao of Physics' by Fritjof Capra.

How we remember ourselves, observe ourselves, believe ourselves is fundamental to how we mould and create our participation with the world around us. It is an active endeavour, an active takes TWO...

The old Hasidic tale (found in many cultures) has Jehovah/God arguing with Adam, for God was saying that Adam should be eternally grateful to Him for Adam's creation:
'ah yes', said Adam, 'but without me, how would You be known?'

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A said...

"The world exists because we are here to observe it - to participate in it."
is the world created for us to participate in it or is the world created by our participation?

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JoA said...
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JoA said...

certainly that (words on Koran) is a single point of view and also one that is mostly based upon faith. but i still cannot understand how my knowledge or perception of a table can change the table or becomes a reason for its existence. that gives humans a great power. i'm aware that we have certain power over the body, soul, feelings etc but is it THAT MUCH huge to change the course of things? we are not talking about bending spoons with some sort of energy. we are talking about creating a world, on which we are not the only inhabitants. what if my perception beats yours and changes the course of things against you? or do we need some collective perception to change things? please, consider these as words of a simple curious cat:)

JoA said...

the post i deleted by mistake was:

as far as i know, the Koran says it is God who said "i created this world to make myself known to you." another point of view:)