Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Much has been happening. Travels, Meetings, Doings.

'Intention' has been of focus in what has recently passed: responsibility to oneself. The world, as material and physical as it is, is nevertheless malleable. It can be affected by the strength of one's own presence, or rather, Intention.

It is endlessly creative: our own laws of physics reminds us that it ebbs and flows into creation - endlessly renewing itself. The atoms that we are now are not those that constituted us before - all our physical body is being replaced, and replenished. Like the tide...

...so too do our thoughts, ideas, wishes, dreams, wants, desires...they come and go -they ebb, appear dynamic, rushing, then often flow away from us... so how can we remain true, solid, in such a dynamic world?

We can 'fix' ourselves...become the 'attractor' for the flux around us (to use contemporary terms) - by focusing our Intention, our Will, our density of Being. The Intention attracts the ebbing world around it..is pulled by a greater force... the world 'is' because we see it this way...what becomes can be how we passively view it...or how we participate in it with Intention.

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