Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Again , I wish to come back to the human nervous system as being fundamental to any concept of our inner and outer 'evolutionary' trajectory. It carries a programming structure, in the form of DNA, and works with electrical impulses and so is affected by, and influences, other electrical fields. Thus, the new generation of humans being born into the ‘Information Age’ of an electronic environment are being impacted upon with electrical signals that must have some effect upon the human nervous system. To what degree can the human nervous system mutate under these new environmental impacts, knowing how we do that evolutionary change is dynamic in accordance with such impacts?

I was reminded by a friend recently of a study done upon the crystalline structure of water. A sample of water was taken from a pure, flowing waterfall in nature and its crystalline molecular structure recorded. This same sample was then divided and some placed next to a TV and another in a busy work/office environment. Within a day, both samples were taken for examination and found that their molecular crystalline structure had become slightly deformed (although still, of course, maintaining its molecular cohesion as water). Yet the structure was not as 'clear-cut' as previously...more 'blurred' according to my friend. Later, these two samples were placed with both a church and another 'meditative' environment: within two days they were examined and found to have reverted back to their crisp crystalline molecular structure - I must find this article to verify this.

Yet it appears reasonable to me: we are heavily influenced by the resonations of those things/people around us. We sometimes refer to this as 'bad vibes' or feeling drained... yet we are molecular organisms, thus responsive to harmony and disharmony around us. Is it not our responsibility then to place ourselves in those situations and environments that are harmonious to us?

This is similar to the ritualistic need for prayer or meditation: to create a coherent resonance within our molecular structure (see my earlier posts on 'quantum coherence'). The state of our minds affect both our cellular structure (and hence our physical state) as well as the well-being of those closely around us.

This is not esoterica anymore - it is science.


pmo200g said...

This is interesting...I'd be interested in reading the research if you can locate it.

It reminds me of my time as an instructional technology specialist in a rural school district. I used to be confronted by technophobic teachers regularly who would always say that the computer "didn't like them" or would always break whenever they tried to do something. In response, I would tell them about a theory that I had (which I had never tested, and don't really have any intention of testing) that went something like this: The human body runs on electrical impulses...these impulses create an electical field around a person (which could be read as an aura). If a given person had a negative aura, then that electrical field would play havoc with technology nearby...thus, computers could be affected negatively by the person using it...even if that person was just sitting nearby. I always told these technophobic teachers that many of their computer problems could be fixed through approaching the technology with a better mindset.

This would be the concept you propose in reverse...people affecting technology just as technology affects people...

huckles said...

I'm also eager to see this research. If it shows what you are describing with credibility then this is totally incredible.

Kingsley said...

Yes - it is incredible: new science is opening doors to what before we could only describe as 'esoteric'