Saturday, August 27, 2005

'Gold does not need the philosopher's stone
but copper does.
Improve yourself.
Let die what is alive: that is your body.
Revive what is dead: that is your heart.
Hide what is present: that is the world down here.
Let come what is absent: that is the future.
Annihilate what exists: that is passion.
Produce what does not exist: that is intention.'

These words speak for what may come - the future. Intention are the thoughts that underlie our ever increasing networked life. Its blood is our memes - negative thoughts as viruses.

In a fluid existence that is now our connected global life the key impulse should be: cooperation. Our wired network is a first step in our nervous system.

I highly recommend Ervin Laszlo's work - especially his most recent book titled 'Science & the Akashic Field'

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