Monday, August 22, 2005

Snippet from a US newspaper:

"THE GOD VS. Darwin debate went to the White House last week when President Bush weighed in, stating in a roundtable interview with reporters that ''intelligent design" should be taught along with evolution in public schools. It's a move that has undoubtedly pleased the president's conservative religious base."

Actually, despite this suggestion of creationism, it does serve another function: it points to the notion that regardless of our faith convictions, the notion of an 'intelligent design' in the universe is being approached as a serious study. With the advent of quantum mechanics and the concept that the observer/participant alters material phenomena, there is a growing tendency to see the universe as conscious participation - in other words, as 'intelligent'.

DNA systemic functioning has been called 'cognitive' by some researchers, following on from the Maturana & Varela notion of autopoeisis.

For our evolutionary movement, it is important to perceive that our cosmos is not dead, but imbued with intelligence - our mistake so far is to deem all intelligence as being modelled on the human - a great anthropomorphic mistake.

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