Wednesday, August 31, 2005

In some of my earlier posts I made reference to several new books coming onto the market that deal with human evolution in terms of biotechnology and bio-enhancement. In an interview done at - which I highly recommend as a website - Jamais Cascio interviews 3 writers in this area at the same time.

The article, called 'Human Changing' begins by stating:

The question of how society changes when we can enhance aspects of human capabilities is something we touch on regularly at WorldChanging. It's at least as important a question as how society adapts to climate change or embraces new tools for networking and communication; some of us would argue it may be even more important. As a topic of discussion, it has often been relegated to fringe culture and science fictional musing, but a series of books over the last year have brought the idea ever closer to the mainstream -- and the most recent may be set to make the question of how humankind evolves a front page issue.

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