Sunday, November 20, 2005

A conversation

I wanted to post a conversation I've been having with a blogger known as 'Island' - I found his thoughts/ideas interesting - and s/he has an interesting website too.

These were the comments left on one of my earlier posts:

Island - "This is interesting because I have discovered a similar theory that's base on an entropic interpretation of the anthropic principle."

Kingsley - "Thanks 'island' - would love to hear of this theory you've discovered. Can you explain more?"

Island - "Well, to make a very long story shorter...

We're here to make particles from vacuum energy, because this is the mechanism that causes the universe to have a big bang... eventually, I don't know how much physics that you know, but...

Follow this logic:

The physics derives that puncutated equilibrium is analogous to a *near* static universe, whereas, a big bang is analogous to an evolutionary leap.

When the universe has a big bang, it "convolves" its characteristics or traits forward to a higher level of entropic efficiency, just like humans did when we lept from apes to become the fire-breathing-monsters that we are today.

That our purpose in this universe, but the principle extends to become a biocentric principle once this clear need for intelligent life is defined, so we should expect to find similar beings doing the same thing on every banded spiral galaxy that exists on the same evolutionary "plane" as us, per the requirement of the anthopic principle that we occupy a preferred place and time in the history of the universe. This includes a whole layer of galaxies that evolved at about the same time as ours.

This prediction is currently being tested by SETI... they are wasting their time looking anywhere else... and, given our evolutionary and technological commonality, we should all come into contact with each other at about the same time and this defines a form of universal consciousness, in terms of self-awareness."

Kingsley - "Island - interesting ideas...very close to what I've been looking into: reminds me of 'The Physics of Immortality' by Frank Tipler. Also, it has a similar path to cosmic complexity: the notion that progress, or evolution, requires a leap - a 'bifurcation' - onto a higher evolutionary level - do you know 'Cosmic Evolution: The Rise of Complexity in Nature' by Eric Chaisson? Also, the notion of using the energy from the quantum vaccum links in with - 'Science and the Akashic Field: An Integral Theory of Everything' by Ervin Laszlo (which I highly recommend). Yes, I do feel that the quantum vacuum had/has a crucial role to play in forming the almost perfect universal constants that form the reasoning behind the anthropomorphic view - and 'The Anthropic Cosmological Principle' - another F. Tipler book? - which is where you are coming from I suspect. Do you know of any other sources I might follow up?"

Island - "My website is:

Most of the books that you've mentioned as well as papers on the subject are referenced there, but my discovery came from an honest physics question...

But what about the hole that the "hole" left behind???

This fixes Dirac's Large Numbers Hypothesis, thereby completing and clarifying the anthropic principle while removing its tautologous and circular nature.

*Uniform* energy dissemination is the key to the flatness problem and the anthropic principle."

Kingsley - "There's alot of good information on your site - I will read over this.

I'm interested in when you say: 'we should all come into contact with each other at about the same time and this defines a form of universal consciousness, in terms of self-awareness.'

Do you think this has similarities with what is talked about as the 'singularity'? Kurzweil discusses the universe becoming intelligent and conscious through being technologically engineered.

Thanks for your contact."

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