Friday, November 25, 2005

Is entropy the answer?

As noted Nobel scientist Prigogine stated in his work 'End of Certainty':

"'We live in an evolutionary universe whose roots, which lie in the fundamental laws of physics, we are now able to identify through the concept of instability associated with deterministic chaos…this disorder constitutes the very foundation of the macroscopic systems to which we apply an evolutionary description associated with the second law, the law of increasing entropy"

Entropy - as in this brief yet interesting article 'Scientists explain the meaning of life (and we don't matter much)' - is given as the evolutionary drive of the universe - to dissipate energy.

What about other notions that the universe lies on a bed of quantum energy whereby all particles of matter derive their energy from, similar to an akashic record: if indeed our universe is an 'explosion' out from this sea of quantum energy, then what is the fate of our universe once this spread of energy is distributed in equilibrium?

And what if energy is concious? What about notions of a conscious universe?

Just how connected is our universe?

Perhaps it is interesting to examine David Bohm's notion of the implicate order, as well as hypotheses of the holographic principle which is now a major focus of attention in gravitational research, quantum field theory and elementary particle physics.

In line with living, complex systems, the process of entropy also combines information storage and use. What if evolutionary patterns are also driven by informational connectivity as a process of order, as well as energy dissipation?

And wouldn't a holographic universe be the ultimate storage device?

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