Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Unknown Energy Surges

Since I have previously discussed energy experiments, both military and scientific, as pertaining to influences upon the Earth; I thought I would relate an article titled: 'Unknown Energy Surges Hits the Southern Hemisphere of Earth'


"On December 1, 2004 the largest recorded blast sent not only shockwaves through the world scientific community but also through the Northern Hemisphere resulting in one of the largest weather events in recorded human history

From the American science website,, we can read about this in an article titled, "Brightest Galactic Flash Ever Detected Hits Earth", and which says:

"A huge explosion halfway across the galaxy packed so much power it briefly altered Earth's upper atmosphere in December, astronomers said Friday. No known eruption beyond our solar system has ever appeared as bright upon arrival."

The American space organization NASA has further said that their satellites are observing 'Mysterious Earth Energy' in the upper reaches of the earth's atmosphere relating to these unknown blasts, and as reported by NASA in their press release of February 22nd titled, "NASA Satellite Observes Mysterious Earth Energy"

There is no doubt that cosmic events impact upon Earth's destiny: in this regard I would recomment a book I read last year:'Earth Under Fire: Humanity's Survival of the Apocalypse' by Paul LaViolette (newly republished last month)

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