Monday, February 20, 2006

BT Reveals Insight into the Future

BT's futurologists - principally Ian Pearson and Peter Cochrane - have been busy lately trying to envision our possible futures:

'BT's futurology department has gazed into the future to predict the technological advances that will impact our lives.

The timeline encompasses all areas of life influenced by technology developments including artificial intelligence, health and medical, business and education, demographics, energy, robotics, space, telecommunications and transport and travel.

It predicts by 2012, children could be entertained by video tiles in the bath before sitting in a playroom with wallpaper which changes to promote energy, happiness or calm. And they could even be interacting with toys that respond to their voices with matching emotions.

As beaches become more crowded and quiet corners become harder to find, BT predicts we could be holidaying somewhere above the earth's surface by 2017.

And by 2040, the timeline predicts we could get a space elevator to take us up to a moon village that will have developed by then.'

For an interactive version of the BT timeline - click here

For a pdf version - click here

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