Saturday, February 25, 2006

Absorption into other universes?

A recent New Scientist article titled - Is our universe about to be mangled? - discusses a new analysis that suggests our universe may one day be obliterated or assimilated by a larger universe. The work also suggests the parallel universes proposed by some quantum theorists may not actually be parallel but could interact – and with disastrous consequences:

"The interactions can "smash or mangle the small worlds", says Hanson. He has not worked out exactly what happens, but he believes the small universes would be either destroyed or assimilated by the large universes, like specks of dust colliding with a planet.

"It could act like a big random fluctuation, like suddenly making the temperature of the universe become really high and boiling everything," he told New Scientist. "Or it could be more peaceful, where you're simply converted into somebody who remembers stuff from the large world, so the statistics would be those of the large world."

That suggests that the universe we live in now could be mangled at any moment by a larger universe, he says. "It could be there's a moment of pain before the end," Hanson says. "But you could be comforted by the fact that versions of you will go on, even if you don't."

Lets look at one of those lines again - they state: 'where you're simply converted into somebody who remembers stuff from the large world'

Are they suggesting that people may merge into another 'body' or 'person' who exists within the larger universe? A soul transformation??

There are lots of quantum anomalies appearing in print recently. Twelve days ago an article appeared on the Net called - 'Quantum Anomaly ‘Stalls’ Above South Pole As Violent Catastrophic Planetary Shift Feared By Russian Scientists':

"Russian Scientific reports are detailing today the occurrence of what is being termed as a ‘Quantum Anomaly’, and which upon its approach to our planet this past month has ‘stalled’ above the South Pole in the Southern Polar Regions of Antarctica.

These reports further state that the ‘stalling’ of this ‘Quantum Anomaly’ has been met equally with a marked decrease in both seismic activity and Sun Spots, though the increase in the Earth’s internal Tectonic Plate pressures are building to what some Russian Scientists are terming as ‘Catastrophic Levels’.

Numerous Independent American Researchers have likewise noted the effects of this ‘Quantum Anomaly’, and as we can read as exampled by one of them, Michael Mandeville, in his report titled "The Earth’s Wobble Has Paused""

Alot of strange activity indeed - the signs are strengthening... if only we knew the direction...

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