Friday, March 03, 2006

Supramental awakening

In an interesting Net article titled 'Earth Changes And Planetary Transformation - The Supramental Awakening And Planetary Hope' by Kiara Windrider, I found some relevant discussions of Sri Aurobindo on the subject of the supramental mind:

"The great work of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother was in bringing supramental consciousness down into the cellular consciousness of their own bodies. Since this is a unified consciousness, this meant that the supramental consciousness was simultaneously being brought into the consciousness fields of the Earth, awaiting the moment when it would flower into its full manifestation in collective matter.

With the descent of this new vibratory consciousness all our old obsolete human structures will be demolished. During this process, there would be a transition period which would be chaotic, extremely chaotic, as the last strongholds of greed, fear, and darkness, came up to the surface to be dispelled. Sri Aurobindo emphasized that although the changes will be enormous they did not have to be necessarily catastrophic. The power of Truth automatically erases Falsehood, and our world for the most part consists of Falsehood. Yet, the Supramental, he maintained, carried a power of harmonization which could overcome this resistance by means other than dramatic struggle and violence. The Asuras will eventually be absorbed into their original emanations of Light, Life, Beauty and Truth, and our fractured consciousness will eventually heal. It may be interesting to speculate, with all the violence in the world today, the destruction we might be experiencing if not for this power of harmonization!"

Worth a read...

In the supraconscious sparking of the current species mindfield, there is great need now to ground ourselves as some frequences are becoming chaotically 'vibrant'!

The Great Plan is indeed in motion...

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