Thursday, March 02, 2006


A recent Astronomy Picture of the Day took a look at multiple universes - they asked:

"Do nearly exact copies of you exist in other universes? If one or more of the multiverse hypotheses is correct, then quite possibly they do. In the above computer-enhanced illustration, independent universes are shown as independent circles or spheres. Spheres may be causally disconnected from all other spheres, meaning no communications can pass between them. Some spheres may contain different realizations of our universe, while others may have different physical laws. An entire set of parallel universes is called a multiverse. The human eye might represent the possibility that realizations of some multiverse hypotheses might only exist in the human mind."

Is existence layered upon layered of endless interacting, interconnecting universes... all contained, nothing without? Are physical universes the manifestation of mind, of pure consciousness?

Do our lives merge with multiple other lives, other 'selves' in parallel worlds - too many questions for answers to occur. Did Mind create this physical playing field for our conscious evolution to participate, evolve, understand, and finally to embrace and perpetuate...?

Endless spirals...

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