Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The ultimate quantum computers?

In new research the notion of black holes being quantum computers is being cited. In a NewScientistSpace article, it writes that:

"Nearly all of the information that falls into a black hole escapes back out, a controversial new study argues. The work suggests that black holes could one day be used as incredibly accurate quantum computers -- if enormous theoretical and practical hurdles can first be overcome.

Seth Lloyd of MIT has used a controversial quantum model, which holds that under certain extreme circumstances, such as the intense gravitational field of a black hole, objects that would ordinarily have several options for their behaviour have only one. For example, a black hole could cause a coin thrown into it to always come up "heads".

This allows information to escape from a black hole without any ambiguity about how to interpret it. The information escapes through a quantum process called entanglement."

This shares similarity with Dr. Frank Tipler: "the modern physicist and cosmologist, Dr. Frank Tipler , believes that life will eventually be replicated in an future Omega Point of transcendence. He believes that we will eventually construct a quantum computer that will control the final collapse of space-time, nullifying the doom-ridden “Big Crunch.” He equates this Omega Point/Computer with God, and he says that everyone who has ever lived will be resurrected in it to live a life of eternal bliss. It must be noted; however, Tipler arrived at his notions only through the complete scientific method. He never forced the evidence to fit the theory. In the ultimate irony, Dr. Tipler lived a large portion of his life as an avowed atheist; it is only through his scientific discoveries that he now claims a theological perspective." (from 'Science of the Divine')

So - what will become the ultimate quantum computers: black holes or God? Or a combination of both?

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