Monday, May 15, 2006

Smarter than thou?

Ahh..the endless transhumanist debate: are we on the verge of transition to a higher form of evolution? Perhaps...yet just exactly how this emerges is still endlessly open...personally, I wonder how 'enhanced humans' will vibrate - seriously, all the cosmos vibrates, thats the consciousness-matter relationship. So: do transhumanists support vibration?

Anyway, here is a post that covers the recent Stanford University Singularity Summit:

'Is technology poised to develop machines that can outsmart their human creators?

And what will happen to mere mortals if such superintelligent machines arise?

Borrowing a term from physics, singularity suggests a horizon beyond which we can't see. It describes the point at which some form of intelligence spawned by technology gains the ability to rapidly improve its own programming -- becoming so powerful that we cannot predict what it might do. At that point, its capabilities could exceed even the power of our imaginations.'

Read: Smarter than thou? Stanford conference ponders a brave new world with machines more powerful than their creators

Also: as I have mentioned in the past, Mark Pesce is worth checking out - his site has an interesting video you can download which he produced for one of his presentations at Mindstates- called 'Becoming Transhuman'which also touches upon human evolution and brain patterns.

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