Monday, May 22, 2006

Total Recall of memories

Forget what it was you were supposed to remember....? Or can't visualise a past event with a loved one...? Fear not (or fear alot), as here comes the future in total recall. Popular Science has an article - 'In 2021 You'll Enjoy Total Recall Software will allow you to easily carry years’ worth of searchable memories—in your pocket' - that looks at the possible solution to this:

'Upgrading our memory is a matter of improving our recording and retrieving abilities. At the current pace of miniaturization, camera components could be made tiny enough to fit in a contact lens in just a few years. A high-precision microphone could fit in your ear. And the data could be downloaded to a searchable handheld gadget.'

Yet would we want to remember everything...? Even the willed blackouts?

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