Thursday, August 24, 2006

The New Measure of Man

This is worth considering:

‘There is no epoch in history that seems to us as it must have to the people who lived through it. What we live through, in any age, is the effect on us of mass emotions and of social conditions from which it is almost impossible to detach ourselves. Often the mass emotions are those which seem the noblest, best and most beautiful. And yet, inside a year, five years, a decade, five decades, people will be asking, “How could they have believed that?”’ Doris Lessing from Prisons We Choose To Live Inside


'we are not just an accidental anomaly, the microscopic caprice of a tiny particle whirling in the endless depths of the universe. Instead, we are mysteriously connected to the universe, we are mirrored in it, just as the entire evolution of the universe is mirrored in us...The moment it begins to appear that we are deeply connected to the entire universe, science returns…in a roundabout way, to man and offers him his lost integrity. It does so by anchoring him once more in the cosmos’

Vaclav Havel – ‘The New Measure of Man’

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