Thursday, August 03, 2006

Taking a Quantum leap

Alot of chatter and talk is going on in research circles about quantum computing - and what it means for the evolution of information - and thus for 'humanity'. One article - 'Quantum leap' - cites the following scenario:

"Having your brain surrounded by a thin band of ultrasonic transducers controlled by hypersmart quantum computers, all linked up to a global network with infinite bandwidth, means that any sense can be stimulated in any way. You can be made to see, hear, touch, taste, or smell anything.

Getting instructions back from the brain - mind-reading computers, in other words - is harder but not impossible (neuroscientists have already developed communication devices for the disabled that read brain waves).

Wolf anticipates that within 20 years, instead of cellphone conversations we will have "network-enabled telepathy." Imagine you're on a busy street, and a small percentage of the people in the crowd around you have decided to let their headbands transmit their field of vision - you could literally see around corners. A vehicle could be driven by thought. Dreams could be recorded and passed around online as easily as we share photos on Flickr."

And yet Sony has already filed a patent earlier this year for ultrasonic technology that will beam videogames into our brains - is this really the other side of the technology?

Telepathy does not require ubiquitous informational technologies - our spirits are quantum too... always have been. Remember, the quantum world still exists within laws of a physical universe - we dont have to...

Why not a quantum leap in ourselves first...

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