Saturday, February 17, 2007

Raymond Bernard

Raymond Bernard, once Head of the Rosicrucian Order AMORC, retells an interesting series of 'strange encounters' during his life where he met with representatives of certain knowledge. He says of his writings on this:

The fundamental purpose of this manuscript is to transmit knowledge of certain subjects of the mystical tradition, which now-a-days, particularly in France, continues to exercise a strong attraction upon those interested in the great questions beyond the limits of those nonsensical items recorded in the popular press. To be convinced of this, notice the considerable success of the books dealing with these subjects among the general public. Most of these books do not rest upon any foundation. They do not have any basis of TRUTH for meditation and reflection, and they lead their readers towards false and even dangerous conclusions.

And so Bernard's narrative of his strange encounters start here


SCOTT said...

I do admit that I have a bit of Rosicrucian history myself and a few years ago got to visit the Temple center in San Jose where I spent a wonderful day on the grounds of this Order. The Sacred College is the "MallWorld" of my last post, I choose to use a lesser sounding title as not to appear to 'out there'. The Maha has always been of interest to myself and my studies. I am of two minds of the significance of it all to be honest, so maybe I should write another blog in hopes of clarification of my own experiences.
Tis a wonderful subject of study to say the least.

Kingsley said...

You seem to be quite synchronized with some of my posts...!

Anonymous said...

Yes...It's usually scott and I with the 'synchronized' posts!

Zoe xxx