Sunday, February 11, 2007

Spirituality & Technology

The relationship between spirituality and technology has been a focus, interest, and concern of mine over the years... how can they be intertwined? Should they be? Technology is a tool for both development and torture, a Damocles Sword hanging by a thread...

I have done much reading on the Global Brain concept, including much on evolutionary theories.

The Internet has been an agora - a meeting place - for evolutionary debates, ranging from Teilhard de Chardin to Hans Moravec... from Aurobindo's collective super-intelligence to Transhumanist's uploading...

Anyway, a brief yet readable overview on this subject has been written as an article by Michel Bauwens - published in First Monday as 'Spirituality & Technology: Exploring the Relationship'; and on the alternative Buddhist journal CyberSangha as 'Electric Gaia: Technology and Spirituality'

Also worth considering is dipping into these pages on:

- Introduction to Technopaganism and Technoshamanism


- Technology Meets Spirituality

- And links from Fusion Anomaly

Just thought I'd mention them...!


SCOTT said...

Being that I do consider myself a "technoShaman' I enjoy all these links,,
I met Terrance McKenna before his untimely death and remember how he spoke on this issue with such magickal wonder and hope. Personally I have always thought that the blending of Technology and Consciousness/spirituality are inevitable and under certain circumstances something to be explored,,
it is the post after this,, 'reading our intentions', that makes one worry about it.
Where are our Spiritual Leaders whom would lead us wisely here ??
Very nice post,, I will relish the links for the next few days I am sure. Thanks for a great post.

Kingsley said...

True spirituality is a form of technology in itself... the technology of transformation and co-evolution and convergence...

I much admire McKenna's work and wonderfully humane perceptions...