Monday, February 04, 2008

Boriska: Indigo Boy

For those of us following the Project Camelot website and projects, it was good news to come across the latest updates to their page. Noticeably, the finished translation of the article about 'Boriska: Indigo Boy' which revealed some fascinating insights into potential cosmic/solar history. I mention here:

knowledge will be distributed according to the quality and level of consciousness. New knowledge will never come to vicious people with petty vices: thieves, bandits, alcoholics, and also those who aren’t willing to change themselves for the better. They will be leaving the planet. He thinks that information will play the most important role. A time of unity and cooperation will begin on Earth...

...he said that the scientists of Earth would be interested to know that there are not nine planets in our solar system, but two more. They are located beyond Pluto. In his words, Mars used to be closer to Jupiter, and the moon then belonged to Mars. But after a giant cosmic cataclysm, Mars changed its orbit, which is how Earth got its satellite, the moon.

Also on the Project Camelot website is the piece written by the hosts Bill Ryan
Kerry Lynn Cassidy and posted on 28 January 2008 - '2008: The Future is Now' which is a detailed summary of their findings & feelings so far about our possible earth future:

In our view it is compelling that the American military learned of a major threat to the survival of the species - possibly as long ago as the late 1940s. Time-portal technology gained at least partially from our visitors (whether they are space travelers, or time travelers as we believe), convinced the military that a major future catastrophe was possible or probable.

In response, MJ-12 (or whichever appropriate executive committee) decided three things:

• To embark on protective measures immediately.
• To keep the knowledge under the highest degree of classification.
• To embark on an accelerated program of ET liaison and high-tech research in attempts to increase their control and avert the situation.

To which they finally remark:

Our job, all working together, is to help the human race find its way through the minefield of potential booby traps to emerge at a better future. To walk this minefield blindly is in our view unwise. Better to have at least a partial map. This is our intention here.

Information is the key - yet the door we choose is vitally important...

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Angela said...

No pearls before swine.

Perhaps a partial map is all many of us will ever see - we can all share the pieces we each find, but for some, it will never make sense anyway. The missing pieces are only to be found within ourselves, and most will never take the time to listen.