Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Horizon, The Shift, The Ascension

The Horizon: a film documentary called 'The Horizon Project' which, according to their blurb, says that:

Episode 01 of The Horizon Project begins with a frightening bang. Newly discovered scientific evidence shows that the world as we know it is about to come to an unexpected end; however, knowing what's coming over the horizon is only the tip of the iceberg; understanding WHY presents a picture far greater than you could have imagined.

Global catastrophic events throughout our past have severed the flow of information from one generation to the next, creating permanent gaps in history and knowledge. Civilizations that came before us knew of the upcoming inevitable catastrophe, leaving behind major clues that have just been recently discovered. The knowledge that was once lost is the missing link that provides a clear understanding of how our world truly operates. Ironically, these clues also inform us that time is running out; sooner than you may believe.

In essence, the film uncovers geological facts that suggest an impending pole-shift, perhaps expected around.... you guessed it, 2012. This film (according to Internet rumour) is available for p-2-p downloading on most torrent sites... I cannot possibly comment... However, I have seen it!

The Shift: another film to be released in 2008 is 'The Shift of Ages' that follows Mayan high priest Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj (known as 'Wandering Wolf') in his journey to finally reveal sacred visions, concepts, and information about the upcoming global shift:

The Shift of the Ages is an affirmation that focus is being redirected from the problems themselves to the active participation in the solution. The Shift of the Ages Film allows a coolness to care and create. It's a celebration of oneness, and the honoring of diversity. It's the recognition of the heroes of truth who have sacrificed their personal gratification to help expand consciousness through the unification of progressive intention. It's a dismissal of fears and a calling forth of conscious choice. It's energetic weaving and the spiritual networking of our peacemakers. The chessboard has been set and we've already begun moving the pieces. We are the Shift of the Ages. We are the ones we have been waiting for. With this transition from the 4th period of the sun to the 5th period of the sun we actively participate in the outcome. How we transition, when we transition, and where we transition to is ultimately up to us. This is the Shift of the ages!
As far as I know, this film has not been officially released - at least not in the UK.

The Ascension: As more and more information is being released onto the Net about the possible upcoming ascension to 5th Dimension, I thought it worth noting the Red Letters site which are messages from Ascended Master Kuthumi about preparations for the 2012 shift:

The physical process

On December 17th & 18th 2012, the configuration of planets interacting with stellar influences will pull our planet into a more upright position[v].

The situation may be likened to a bent person straightening up.

This motion will change the moon’s orbit.

Amongst the effects of this will be, that:

1. The moon will be visible from only a relatively small proportion of the Earth’s surface

2. The changed angle of Earth’s axis in respect of the sun will create a more temperate and more uniform climate on the planet

3. The changed angle of its axis will also mean that new constellation will be identifiable from Earth

In time, as a result of this process, the energies removed from Earth and infusing with the moon will bring about a similar process on the moon itself which will then develop its own moon. This involutionary process, however, need not be our concern.
And a second site in relation to this - from Andrew Smith, titled 'The Revolution of 2012' which also discusses the ascension subject with links and contacts for forming networks. See also his video page for a good introduction.

The information keeps coming... question is, do we do anything with it...?

Mind the Shift - Be the Thought

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