Friday, June 13, 2008

The Great Turning

More and more people are feeling a 'pull 'n' push' towards downsizing and re-evaluating one's life principles and needs. It is because these are the days/weeks/months when the incoming energies are breaking apart the old thinking - the old paradigm of survival - and replacing it with the new paradigm of creation, communication, and collaboration.

These are the times when our own reflexive selves will choose which type of future we prefer to be a part of... we are literally now between both worlds: between the old and the new. It just hasn't yet been 'decided' or 'chosen' which type of new world this will be. Here are some thoughts from David Korten's The Great Turning:

Life is a journey not a destination. We have no idea of the limits of its possibilities...We now face the imperative and the opportunity to embark on a path to a new era grounded in the partnership relations of Earth Community. The time of reckoning with the consequences of Empire's excess is no longer a future event. It is now upon us...

...We are getting a wake-up call we cannot ignore. How we respond will determine whether Creation's gift of reflective consciousness was well conceived or overly reckless. To pass the test before us, we humans must demonstrate the intelligence and the moral maturity to liberate ourselves from the addictions of Empire and to use our gifts wisely in the service of the whole.

Rather than to give in to despair in this often frightening time, let us rejoice in the privilege of being alive at a moment of creative opportunity unprecedented in the human experience...Let our descendants look back on this time as the time of the Great Turning, when humanity made a bold choice to birth a new era devoted to actualizing the higher potentials of our human nature.

The work begins with embracing the truth that is within our means to choose our future and to place our capacity for reflective choice at the service of Creation's continued unfolding.

We are the ones we have been waiting for.

For more information visit the website of the book - The Great Turning


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