Monday, June 23, 2008

Reaching those energetic backwaters

As the days and months pass it is inevitable that more of us approach crossroads of choices: these are periods/moments/windows in a person's path where opportunities occur for more significant choices and decisions to be made. Decisions taken at these fluid and sensitive times will have more impact upon how the future unfolds for the person. It is also about making choices about the 'type of path' one wishes to follow. The days ahead are where choices made have much more meaning. Each step becomes a manifestation of our inner intentions; each step resonates ever more greatly as the new energies coming in amplify these actions.

As one writer puts it:

As the cosmic energy environment rises in vibrational frequency and continues to rise, the darker elements become progressively disempowered. They are unable to infringe through brute force on those individuals moving towards the Light... individual on this path needs to complete the removal of any dead or stale energy which may be encrusted in places where new energy has yet to circulate. There is an important role for high vibration spiritual healing in reaching all these energetic backwaters and cleaning them out. This restores the flow of life energy within both physical and etheric bodies.

From The Revolution of 2012: Vol 2 - The Challenge

As well as being a time for purification and unblocking of personal energies, it is also about personal re-alignment. That is, trying to put oneself into harmony and balance with both the internal and external environment: within oneself as well as with the cosmos.

The future may be uncertain and potentially highly chaotic. Yet it is also - importantly - a time for right and true choices to be made. A time for moving oneself forward towards one's true intentions.

A time for liberation, perhaps?


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