Wednesday, October 20, 2004

It is worth remembering that:

"To the empowering principle that the people can withhold legitimacy, and thus change the world, we now add another:by deliberately changing their internal images of reality, people can change the world."

This concerns the idea of our legitimacy. What we think, how we think, and the beliefs that we choose to adapt are of crucial importance not only for us but for those around us since what we 'give off' in terms of attraction, vibes, or energy (whatever you wish to name it) influences the immediate surroundings, and the events and emotions that inhabit those surroundings.

Do we really wish to give-out our legitimacy so easily - this refers to our opinions, agreements, and support. Those in governing positions are constantly vying for our legitimate support - and never more so before a general election! They think we are stupid, so they clamour for our support with stupid fictions and deceit. Why give away your personal beliefs so easily. Our beliefs, perceptions, and state of mind are crucial for how we understand the world around us, and how that world performs for us. To give away our right and legitimacy over our sense of reality is to buy into the belief systems of others who are, more often that not, wishing to take our support/opinions in order to foster their own position of control.

We are sovereign to ourselves: we need to think, act, and have the correct intentions for our own lives, and not to have fear over a sense of inner belief, whatever the pressure from outside banal forms of social consensus.

Begin each day with your own personal self-affirmations. Act in balance with your own personal intentions.

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