Saturday, October 09, 2004

The society in which we live is a product of the collective mentality of our cultural hypnosis - what propels us forward is our own determination to make things work for us as best as possible, for everything that we encounter can be turned into a productive force, no matter how cruel it may seem initially... for we are here to work on everything. This reminds me of a short story from the Persian sage Attar:

The Grateful Slave

One day a good-natured king gave a rare and beautiful fruit to a slave, who tasted it and thereupon said that never in his life had eaten anything so delicious. This made the king wished to try it himself, and he asked the slave for a piece. But when he put it into his mouth he found it very bitter and he raised his eyebrows in astonishment. The slave said: 'Sire, since I have received so many gifts at your hand how can I complain of one bitter fruit? Seeing that you showerl benefits on me why should one bitterness estrange me from you?'
So, servant of God, if you experience suffering in you're striving, be persuaded that it can be a treasure for you. The thing seems topsy-turvey but, remember the slave.

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