Thursday, June 22, 2006

CTP -- The Unified Energy Field?

According to Drazen Premate, President of the CTP Energy Club, and originator of the CTP consciousness hypothesis:

"The World finally has a scientific explanation for various still Unknown Phenomena. Current science cannot explain such because it is missing the component of non-physical Conscious or C-energy that exists behind all of these phenomena such as Gravity, Faster than Speed of Light, Paranormal and others. It is also missing the existence of T-energy that codes C-energy into proper vibrations to become visible in our physical world. CTP Energy Science is the Ultimate Science that can explain all unknown phenomena. Click on the rotating cube side to see the still picture of each topic covered and then click on the corresponding titled link below to have CTP Energy Science brief explanation of the same."

Also, the CTP Energy site states that...

"How do you think every single cell, molecule and billions of other single cell organisms of your physical body know what to do? Do you believe they are getting signals what to do via brain or blood? No they are not. All atoms, molecules and cells in human body know exactly what they are supposed to do thanks to C-energy Units existing behind such. These C-energy Units are also aware of each other and each other’s purpose. It is C-energy and T-energy Units behind the cells of your physical body that create it and keep your body functioning."

Another conscious-field theory fad....? Or something in this? Read for yourself...

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A.V. Michaels said...

Hi Kingley,
Always interesting information here, thanks. Re. the Nibiru Effect in my previous comment...not sure what Laszlo will say (looking forward to reading his "Chaos") but I talk about it in my book, some coming shift, and not sure where the final straw will come from...maybe it's somehow all interrelated. Anyway I just found this site called and thought you might like to check it out, lots of people on there talking about the future of the spirit, science, etc. Think it's lots of Ken Wilbur stuff but anyway FYI.