Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Other Intelligent Designs

Scientist and science fiction writer David Brin has written a post on 'Intelligent Design Creationism called 'The Other Intelligent Design Theories' that looks at numerous “other alternatives” to Darwinian evolution that creationists don’t want you to know about - such as the designer of the Intelligent Designer, Panspermia, and others. As an example extract:

"Guided Evolution - This is the deist compromise most commonly held by thousands — possibly millions — of working scientists who want to reconcile science and faith. Yes, the Earth is 4.6 billion years old and our earliest ancestors emerged from a stew of amino acids that also led to crabs, monkeys and slime molds who are all distant relatives. Still, a creative force may have been behind the Big Bang, and especially the selection of some finely tuned physical constants, whose narrow balance appears to make the evolution of life possible, maybe even inevitable. Likewise, such a force may have given frequent or occasional nudges of subtle guidance to evolution, all along, as part of a Divine Plan."

What's your take??


sacred vapor said...

yea I think the real issue (apart from the pop news take) is not creation vs evolution but guided evolution vs random evolution. Is mutation blind or is there some kind of intelligence guiding the process? This is where the dialog is interesting.


Kingsley said...

Hi - yes, I think there is more in the 'guided evolution' issue than the black/white God or non-God issue.

Creative Intelligence is more multi-faceted than many pop-arguments wish to give credit for.