Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Brain Fingerprinting...?

Yes - another way to tap into the human consciousness artificially. It is the realm that contains a possibility for transcendence - so also must it be a target for containment.

A new 'science' that has been used by state authorities is Brain Fingerprinting:

'The Brain Fingerprinting® testing system detects information directly on the basis of the electrophysiological manifestations of information processing brain activity, measured non-invasively from the scalp with MERA (multifaceted electroencephalographic response analysis). Brain Fingerprinting testing depends only on brain information processing and responses to specific stimuli. It does not depend on the emotional response of the subject and is not subject to control or manipulation by the person being tested.'

In more scary terms it claims to be applicable for counterterrorism in that 'we' need to know who is a terrorist or spy - but not to worry, brain fingerprinting will tell you!

'How do we determine if a person is a terrorist or spy? There is a new technology, that for the first time, allows us to measure scientifically if specific information is stored in a person’s brain. Brain Fingerprinting technology can determine the presence or absence of specific information, such as terrorist training and associations. This exciting new technology can help address the following critical elements in the fight against terrorism'

The more one develops their consciousness and level of mind - to put it very crudely - the greater steps will be taken to resist such materialistic acts of psychological containment and warfare against the spirit.


Anonymous said...

Do you know, the sad thing is that as far as consciousness is concernered,as a race, we have taken significant leaps backwards!

Technology and terrorism may be the 21 century dilemma for man kind but I think it goes far,far deeper than that.

For an entire race to lose it's conscious being, a being that is very astute and in tune with the eb/flow, positive/negative, yin/yang, gods/goddesses, to a "self" consciousness has to have a devastating effect on the entire system.

Factoring out this 'ecology' will surely bring about a 'counter balance' at some point in time?

Zoe xx

Kingsley said...

Despite the dark signals moving in the physical world at present I am 'optimistic' that these are the dying gasps of an old paradigm trying to maintain fear and control during their final stages...

...they know the old energies are on the way out, yet they don't wish to let go.

They will have to. The hand-over won't be smooth though...