Thursday, December 14, 2006

Next Froniter - The Space Race is Heating Up

I've said a few things about the way the US military-industrial complex is weaving its technotronic web over terrestrial affairs. The plan is to have a fully weaponised satellite war-machine in place in orbit over Earth. So if there is little chance at soul-constraint, they'll go for the physical jugular.

Latest news on this - an article in The Washington Times called 'U.S. to defend space with military force':

The United States will use military force in space to protect satellites and other space systems from attack by hostile states or terrorists, the Bush administration's senior arms-control official said yesterday...

"If these rights are not respected, the United States has the same full range of options -- from diplomatic to military -- to protect its space assets as it has to protect its other critical assets," he said. "There is also a broad range of means, both passive and active, by which space assets may be protected or the effects of the loss of their services minimized," he said.'

Well - I guess that says enough. Anyone trespassing in space is a rogue entity - and that goes for both terrestrial and non-terrestrial entities. Space is for US control only... they wish...


Anonymous said...

If only they knew just how feeble they really are!

The closest they came to thinking "we are oh so great!" was with the 'sunstreak/stargate' programs. And even then they did'nt understand what they were doing!


Zoe xx

Daniel said...

Kingley, America is the greatest example of the absolute corruption that follows absolute military power on the earth today. It, like Israel, is a rogue state.

Like your blog!

P.S. I've just issued your invite after a bit of sorting out! Cheers.

Kingsley said...

Thanks Zoe & Daniel -

it seems as if this great rogue state is indeed the pinnacle of greed and of a purely materialistic understanding of Earth affairs...

such myopia!

Daniel - appreciate the invite!

Daniel said...

Just dropped by to wish you a happy Xmas, Kingsley. Hope Santa is kind to you and the mistletoe trick still works! Cheers!