Friday, December 08, 2006

Powerful Magnetic Storm

It seems that the sun has been very active recently, and is emitting powerful electromagnetic energy that may affect people and systems here on earth. According to Russian scientists:

'The largest electromagnetic energy emission in the last 30 years has been recorded on the Sun, the Shernberg State Astronomy Institute said on Thursday. This energy outburst may damage equipment of space satellites, the scientists say. Doctors warn that the emission is dangerous for those afflicted with cardiovascular illnesses as well as for healthy people...

The Sun’s electromagnetic anomaly has not reached the Earth yet. However, the Earth is expected to reach the sunspots quite soon. The encounter may happen this weekend, scientists at the Shternberg Astronomy Institute report. Igor Nikulin says: “If the area of the sunspots does not diminish in three or four days and the emissions continue, it may have a serious influence on the magnetic field of the Earth.” A cloud of hot plasma from the sunspots will make the Earth’s magnetic field vibrate and will cause a powerful magnetic storm.”'

Read in full in Powerful Magnetic Storm Approaches the Earth


Zoe said...

Hi Kingsley,
I read your article and I can't help but wonder what velocity of solar wind is being speculated as potentially causing a polar shift?
Do you know what reading was recorded from this recent flare?
After the flares of '72 (which ran the x-ray sensors off the scale)and conferences that David Suzuki held to discuss the implications, what was established as to the effects of such occurences?
I'm puzzled....Shouldn't a solar wind of 2 1/2 million miles an hour have a devastating effect on us?

Kingsley said...

Hi - yes, I find these reports both informative yet ambiguous. I don't know what the flare recordings were, although the report seems to indicate that they were strong enough for a noticeable effect... in some ways these cosmic impacts are continual affairs, and their impacts are being felt in all areas of our lives, psyche, and emotions...

Yet I get the feeling that there is so much we are NOT being told... and science is also a part of the mis-information...

More meditation needed!

Thanks Zoe!

Anonymous said...

Mmmm, You are confirming my own suspicions about the mis-information that surrounds us.
It never seems to end! I have been reading reports for many years that all go absolutely no-where, and as a scientist,surely it is not 'concrete' enough to dismiss data from significant events like this?

I have even had some psychic 'bombardment' of a dissuading nature!

It seems that the more we probe for the truth, the more resistance we encounter.

Zoe xxx

Scott said...

Interesting in retrospect, this storm caused me to start a journal recording what I think are the objective effects these types of storms have upon my emotional, mental, psychic, spiritual and body states of being...
We just had a few big ones recently... definitely something going on here,, my awareness of these effects is almost an obsession now,,, I am hooked on some of the sites listing data about the Coronal Mass Ejections, auroura etc etc.
Great Posts I have been enjoying ,, will have to dig through your archives,,,,
Zoe is so great to hook me up with your blog.