Friday, December 29, 2006

Into 2007

2007 promises to be a year of great change... both for better and for worse...

Whilst there is great upheaval taking place on the earth; tremendous suffering and outrage; and whilst there is great wrong being conducted through human greed and lust - these are not the only changes.

Humanity is changing. It may not be obvious, but we are. We are also amidst major natural earth changes and disruptions. Despite all this I remain optimistic.

No actions, thoughts, or words go unheeded. Neither do they go without consequence.

Each individual acts as a mirror to the macrocosmos and microcosmos.

In All and Everything, the human spirit must prevail. It must recognise its eternal nature, and not allow itself to be sunken in the swamp of negativity.

I will be away for several days - I wish everyone a Healthy & Happy New Year -

May 2007 make us stronger...


Zoe said...

Great change indeed at both ends of the scale!
When will it all merge into a 'collective' understanding, though?
I will, also, not succumb to pessimism. It's a lonely, greedy, selfish road to misery.
2007 will be traumatic for us all and test our spirit.
I wish you a wonderful break and a fabulous New Year (I have made a more personal thanks to you on my blog)
Be safe.
A HAPPY Zoe xxxx ; )

A.V. Michaels said...

I'm glad you are optimistic. Happy New Year to you too!

Daniel said...

Kingsley, may the Singularity be with you! Cheers.