Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Back to the Real World

Back from the travels, into the 'real world' of technics, machines, and white noise... reminding that:

Whoever uses machines does all his work like a machine. He who does his work like a machine grows a heart like a machine, and he who carries the heart of a machine in his breast loses his simplicity. It is not that I do not know of such things; I am ashamed to use them.

Chuang tzu
And I sit back to begin more research reading - I open this page:

Nanotech, biotech, artificial intelligence, smart cards, embedded chips, smart dust, fragmentation of humans into consumer, patient, voter, worker roles for sorting by government and corporation: all of these together spell the end of the human in ways we can't entirely grasp, much less control. Are we human? Are we bionic free agents? Are we cogs in the machine?

What do you want?
What do you love?

Do you love? Welcome to the Machine

An interesting report just in is that the BBC plan 'A to Z'-of-mankind Web site that they say will be a definitive guide to mankind:

The Dictionary of Man ( and an eight-part television series aim to document every human society currently existing, the BBC said on its Web site. Geldof said the Web site would create the largest living record of DVDs, books, films, photographs, art, and documented and personal accounts from people in every group in society.

"This will be an A-to-Z of mankind," Geldof said during the launch of the project this week. "It will catalog the world we live in now, the people who share this planet, the way we live and the way we adapt to face common and different challenges."

The Web site will also include social networking technology so that individuals can trace their clan, tribe or family.

Ah, it seems all is well then... and we'll be documented before the end... a toast!


Anonymous said...

Terrific post my friend!
Oh...and I love your outlook up there too!

Kingsley said...

Thanks - was a great view, especially with the vino!